Discover Template Terms of use

June 2020

These terms of use are made for the website named as Discover Template which is managed and controlled by Renure Creations Private Limited, a company registered under Companies Act 2013 having its registered office at D-60, Preet Vihar, New Delhi, India-110092 and having its corporate office at 1335A, 1st Floor, Sector 15 Part 2, Gurguram, Haryana, India-122001 (“Company”)
These terms of use are made to control and govern the use of by the users, including any of its subdomains and/or sections (“Website”); as well as the services rendered through the Website (“Service” or “Services”, as applicable) which include the download and use of certain content.
When you use the Services of this website in any way, you agree to the Terms and any applicable Licenses. If you do not agree with the Terms and the applicable Licenses, you may not use the Service.
We may change the Terms at any time by posting the new version(s) to our website(s)thus we recommend that the Terms are reviewed on a regular basis by the User. We may also notify you via email or a notice in our platform, and we may require you to consent to the updated Terms and/or Licenses before you can use the Services further. In all cases your use of the Services is always subject to the most current version of the Terms and Licenses.
Some Services provided through the Website may be subject to specific conditions or instructions that must be accepted by the User prior to the provision of the relevant Service. These specific conditions may be imposed by the Company or by third parties. Such specific conditions shall apply in addition to the Terms and, in case of conflict, shall supersede the Terms. Accordingly, the User must read and accept such specific conditions before the provision of the relevant Service.

Our Services:

The user can download presentation templates (slides, icons, gifs, infographics, images, music, animations & other resources) including without limitation, text files and graphic resources such as icons, illustrations, photographs and videos with its corresponding audio.

Acceptable Use

In particular and without limitation, User undertakes that they will access and use the content of the website for legitimate purpose and with bonafide intentions. The User agrees not to use the Services negligently, for fraudulent purposes or in an unlawful manner that could damage the image, interests or rights of the Website or third parties.
The User will not interfere with the functioning of the Website or in the Services. The User agrees not to carry out any action that may damage, make unavailable, overload, deteriorate or impede the normal use of the Website or the Services, which may impact the security of the Website or the Services, or which may in any way interfere with the Services offered by the Company. The use of robots, spiders or any other mechanism, mobile application, program or tool to access, copy or control any part of the Website or the Services in any way which is contrary to the ordinary use of the Website or which infringes the Company’s interests (without its express prior authorization) is strictly prohibited. Likewise, obtaining or attempting to obtain the contents of the Website using any method or system not expressly authorized by the Company or which is not the ordinary method of accessing the Website is also strictly prohibited.
The rights granted to the User under these Terms are personal and shall not be assigned to any third party (including affiliates or entities part of the same group of companies) totally or partially, by any mean, without the prior, express and written consent from the Company.
When providing the Services, the Website can publish advertising either related or not to the searched contents or the Services, which is expressly accepted by the User.

You may not (yourself or through a third party):

  1. use the Services to harm, threaten, or harass anyone,
  2. use the Services and/or the non-public information you gain from using the Services to create similar services,

  3. use any automated process (e.g., a bot) with the Service,

  4. use the Services in any manner or for any purpose other than as expressly permitted by the Terms, the Licenses and the information available on our websites,

  5. remove, obscure or alter any proprietary rights notice pertaining to the Service, including notices on any software, apps, and documentation;

  6. access or use the Services in a way intended to avoid incurring fees or exceeding usage limits or quotas;

  7. use the Services in connection with anything misleading or illegal or post anything that is unlawful, defamatory, threatening, pornographic, abusive, libellous or otherwise objectionable or that encourages criminal conduct,

  8. attempt to access other accounts, computer systems or networks not covered by the Terms, through password mining or any other means, or

No Warranty

The User acknowledges and agrees that he/she/it uses the Website and its Services at the their own risk and under the User’s responsibility and, therefore, the Company does not accept any responsibility for misuse or use in breach of these Terms.
The User will be responsible for any damages to the Company resulting from the User’s use of the Website and the Services in breach of the Terms and accepts to indemnify the Company and its directors, employees, agents and representatives from any liability in which they may incur as a result of the User’s breach of these Terms.
The Company does not warrant the availability or continuity of the Website or the Services, neither its reliability, quality, completeness, accuracy or whether they are fit for a specific purpose or activity.

As way of example and without limitation, the Company shall not be liable for any damages that may result from:

  • Interruptions, viruses, technical problems, interferences, omissions, unavailability, power cuts, failure of the telecommunication networks or the User’s equipment which are not the Company’s responsibility.
  • Delays or unavailability of the Website and the Services due to deficiencies or traffic overload on the Internet, in the communication network or the electricity grid.
  • Third-party actions.
  • Unavailability of the Website and the Services due to maintenance or software updates.
  • Any other event beyond the Company’s direct control.
Save For The Company’s Wilful Misconduct, And Those Cases In Which Due To The Specific Circumstances Of The User Involved Or The Nature Of The Matter, Applicable Law Provides That Liability Cannot Be Limited By Agreement, Use Of The Website And The Services Is At Sole Risk Of The User And The Company Shall Not Be Liable For Any Damage Of Any Kind Caused To The User As A Result Of Using The Website And/Or The Services.


To the extent not prohibited by law, the Covered Entity/Entities shall not be liable for any incidental, special, indirect, consequential or similar damages, including lost profits, damages arising from loss of information (including your content), business interruption, regardless of the theory of liability (contract, tort or otherwise) and even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages. In no event shall the Covered Entities’ total aggregate liability for all damages arising under or related to the Services or any other Final Draft products or services exceed the greater of $100 or the amount you paid for the Services in the three months preceding the event giving rise to the liability. These limits apply even if a stated remedy fails of its essential purpose. Some jurisdictions do not allow limits on certain liabilities so these limitations may not apply to you.

Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights over the Website, the Services, and/or the Discover TemplateContent, its design, and source code, and all content included in any of them (including without limitation text, images, animations, databases, graphics, logos, trademarks, icons, buttons, pictures, videos, sound recordings, etc.) belong or are licensed to the Contributors.
Except as expressly authorized under these Terms, the reproduction or distribution, as well as transformation, producing any derivative works of any kind, public communication, making available, extraction, reuse or any other use of the Website, the Services, the Discover TemplateContent or any of its parts, is strictly forbidden.

If you believe that any content infringes third party rights or does not comply with these Terms, you can report it to the Company as set forth in these Terms.

License Agreement

The Company to use our services under the terms of this Section. The Company and its Contributors reserve all rights over the Discover Template Content not expressly granted in this license to the User.
The User may only use contents within the Discover TemplateContent to create presentations, modify them, and share the editable presentation containing the websiteContent with other individuals belonging to the same team or organization as the User and who are collaborating with the User in the presentation’s creation and/or modification (“User’s Team”). Therefore, the User may only share an editable format of the websiteContent with the User’s Team and only to collaborate in the creation or modification of the presentation.
The User is only allowed to share websiteContent to third parties outside of the User’s Team in a non-editable format, ensuring always that neither the User, the User’s Team nor the third-party recipient are sublicensing, reselling or distributing websiteContent in any manner not expressly provided for in these Terms. Additionally, the User shall, at all times and whether sharing with the User’s Team or third parties, ensure that the creators or holders of rights over the original content included as part of the websiteContent (e.g. icons, vectors, photos, etc.) are duly credited in all copies of the presentation. In particular, the User undertakes not to remove in any editable or non-editable format of a presentation, any crediting section which may have been generated by the Website, unless the User acquires a license allowing him/her/it to omit such acknowledgement. The Website might contain further indications about the crediting obligations the User must comply with and information about which license allows them to remove such acknowledgement.
Under no circumstances shall the User or the User’s Team be allowed to sublicense, resell, distribute or allow any third parties to use the contents within the websiteContent in any other way without the Company’s prior written consent.

The User rights under this Section will end automatically without any notice if the User breaches any of the Terms. In case of termination of the rights hereunder, the User shall cease using content in the websiteContent and will destroy every copy, whether total or partial, thereof.

Likewise, in respect of collection and processing of personal data, the Privacy Policy will apply.

Changes and Closure of the Website

The Company may, at any moment, and without incurring in any responsibility towards the User, modify the content of the Website or the Services, limit or modify the conditions or cease to provide some or all the Services and features available or deactivate and delete all or some of the User accounts and their corresponding information. However, the Company will comply with its obligations regarding the keeping of records in relation to certain transactions for the relevant period as provided by applicable law.


The use of the Website and the Services and the interpretation and application of these Terms shall be governed by IndianLaw. The parties expressly waive any other applicable jurisdiction.If any provision in these Terms is declared to be invalid or unenforceable, it shall be substituted or deemed as it had not been included. The remaining provisions in these Terms shall not be affected in any way.
You may contact the Company for any query