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Retro and Pop

Going back in time is not possible but enjoying the same in the current scenario could be possible. We are the fans of antiques and like to live in the culture of the previous time. A touch of humour is also added in the template to make your presentation seem interesting to the audience

Our Retro and Pop template offers a wide range of infographics, all related to retro culture. The theme of this template is also inspired by the retro culture. This vintage-looking template comes with quirky lines and interesting graphics so that your presentation becomes engaging for the audience. The theme remains intact in every slide keeping the consistency in mind and offers diversity in terms of infographics.

Free presentation template of Retro and Pop

Discover Template is offering a free presentation template of Retro and Pop which is completely customisable, comes with an amazing theme of vintage colours and graphics. It could be useful for your theme party, assignment or any other project which is related to the vintage theme. This template is available in multiple formats.

Product Highlights

  1. 10 slides
  2. Wide-angle 16:9 template
  3. Flat colours
  4. Fully editable
  5. Easily customisable
  6. Pop design style
  7. Attractive design


  1. Merinda One
  2. Lobster 1.4


Did you like it?

Average rating / 5. Ratings