Moment marketing pros and cons

Moment Marketing- Hits and Misses

You may have heard this term before as it has been casually doing the rounds in the world of advertising and marketing; it’s called ‘moment marketing’. This is a relatively new term, but it entails a lot of marketing solutions for brands all over the world. A particular event goes viral online and brands seize the opportunity to leverage their products or services by linking it to the viral trend in some quirky or innovative way. Whether the trend has to do with a celebrity or an average social media enthusiast, viral trends are great content fillers, and they go a long way in driving engagement and attracting new customers. In short, moment marketing is an amazing tactic, if used wisely. Yes, there are some definite moment marketing pros and cons, which we will discuss in this blog. Let’s look at the very obvious pros!

You get a readymade canvas to showcase your witty and creative side

Every brand at the end of the day wants to be considered ‘cool’ and get accepted by the gen x’s and gen z’s of the world. If a viral song, meme, event or topic crashes the internet, a brand wants to be able to integrate the ‘trending topic’ and make it their own whether it is in a subtle way, or in a more blatant way. The best part of this process? The topic is ALREADY a hit, and so the playground is ready for you to play in. In other words, half the work is already done for you, and all you have to do is figure out the connection between what your brand is all about, and whether or not you can link that with the viral/current trend or topic.

Increases the engagement level of your page

If your marketing and content team is a pro at keeping up with all the trending or viral topics buzzing on the internet, then half of your content calendar is full of these ‘viral goodies’, but along with that you also have a guaranteed engagement rate. Viral topics make your brand a relatable one, and that in turn increases the shares, likes, subscribers and comments due to the high reach that these posts generate. We all know that ‘engagement’ is perhaps one of the most important metrics when it comes to measuring your page’s performance, and therefore this makes it a win-win situation for all.

The perfect formula for a brand makeover

Moment marketing is a gift and a blessing in disguise for brands that struggle to make themselves heard in the social arena. This is because no matter how great your everyday content may be, the reality is that unless you don’t participate in real-time marketing now and then, your brand communication does not reach half of your audience at a given time, and you don’t stay as relevant in the world of viral trends. Therefore, if a page is stagnant or needs to gain followers, the best way is to create content that revolves around trending topics and conversations that can help build traction. Now, let’s look at the opposite spectrum of moment marketing

Every viral moment does not have to make it to your Facebook or Instagram page

When it comes to defining the different moment marketing pros and cons, there is one major con that often becomes the cause of self-sabotage for brands who don’t know what to filter out in terms of viral content. Every single viral trend WILL NOT NECESSARILY APPLY TO YOUR BRAND. There, we said it! Just because a certain song, rap, meme or event is popular, it does not mean that you need to force-fit it into your brand messaging. If there are 20 viral trends in a year, 5 or 7 may not apply to you, even if you tried, so it is important for brands to recognize when too much becomes detrimental, and when trying too hard can lead to the brand’s downfall.

A fine line between classy and crass

Moment marketing trends are often light-hearted and funny and hence come with the danger of treading the tightrope between what is appropriate, and what can come off as offensive. Before a brand decides to get into the ‘viral’ content creation game, they need to see if the end product is in sync with the brand’s overall essence. It is very easy to slip into the ‘inappropriate’ category if this one aspect is not taken care of. In the end, getting into the ‘moment marketing’ trend blindly would only backfire, but creatively playing with real-time events and integrating the brand in the best way possible will surely help you reap greater results! Therefore, CHOOSE YOUR ‘MOMENT’WISELY.