Moment marketing pros and cons

How efficient is Meme Marketing?

Don’t really need to introduce you to a meme, right? We are all well aware of the different memes that take birth in the most random of ways, get circulated in high volumes and end up becoming famous for a particular type of messaging or communication. Packed with layers of quirkiness, memes are not only used to forward Whatsapp messages and jokes but, become a vehicle for brand messaging and engagement when it comes to marketing and communication. 

You are at a loss of words when it comes to expressing a specific thought? Use a MEME! 

Want to touch upon a trending topic in a quirky and witty way? Create a MEME! 

When we think about it, memes are a great tool when it comes to communicating with the masses of today, but is there a flip side to this? Are there certain meme marketing pros and cons that we need to look at before drawing a definite conclusion? 

Let’s begin with what WORKS in the world of meme marketing first: 

It’s a great way to tap into your audience’s mindset 

When it comes to online marketing, familiarity does not breed contempt, but rather, it gives a brand a great way to gauge its audience and understand consumer behaviour at large. Memes drive conversations and gather a lot of traction online, hence it is easy to understand if your customer relates to a specific feeling or object based on how they react or engage with meme oriented posts. In short, it helps reach a wider audience in a short amount of time and with minimal effort. 

Easy to create and consume

Whether you want to take a popular image and tweak it according to your brand products and services, or whether you wish to create a series of memes using new images, it is the easiest creative solution in terms of creation, as well as execution. What’s more? It always strikes the right chord with your audience if it is done correctly. In addition to all this, memes are also quite ‘shareable’ and get circulated more than regular images or graphic posts online. A double win in our books for sure! 

A quick formula for gaining more followers

Losing out on followers, or have a stagnant Facebook or Instagram page that is in desperate need of some action? Memes might help, as they aid in gaining new followers and facilitate a significant spike in the engagement rate of your social pages. At the end of the day, the internet thrives on virtual stimulation and memes offer that and much more. Right from social matters to political updates, somewhere and at some point in time, funny and thought-provoking memes come into existence, and before you know it, they become a rage with the audience online.  

Now that we have discussed the potential of creating viral content through memes for all your marketing needs, let’s also take a look at the flip side of things. 

Too much of anything can be a bad thing as well

Yes, we earlier emphasized the fact that memes tend to spread like wildfire and can give your brand the impetus it deserves, but if the meme is overused for conveying the same thought, it loses its novelty and x-factor. Therefore, it is paramount to use memes carefully and ensure that you don’t oversell stale goods, as quirky content has a shelf-life too, which we can’t ignore. The same meme shared, again and again, could become annoying and could result in making your audience bored. So two words of advice? ‘MEME-ify WISELY’

The phase-out can hurt

This point goes hand in hand with the one above it. Memes get popular overnight, but then their fame diminishes after a few weeks, or if you’re lucky, months. It is, therefore, necessary that you generate fresh memes that sync well with your brand messaging and target audience. 

Brands can lose their identity if memes are not done in good taste

The less fancy a meme, the more popular it becomes. In other words, memes are not high-quality graphics, to begin with, and hence can be made by anyone who knows the ABC of memes. As a major con of the meme marketing pros and cons, it is crucial to understand that if brands don’t showcase the right kind of messaging and tread past the fine line of what is considered ‘appropriate humour’, the meme can come off as offensive and degrading. 

In the end, we hope to leave you with some food for thought with this fun meme that can help get your meme wheels rolling. All the best!