How to Host a Webinar during Corona Virus Pandemic?

Covid-19 has completely changed our lives and our professional life is no exception. The modus operandi of businesses have transformed drastically as employees are working remotely and. Social distancing must be followed which has changed the dynamics of public gathering, whether it’s for personal or professional purposes, and being a social animal, humans are adopting new ways to interact with each other.

Seminars have taken a backseat during the coronavirus because of the social distancing norm and webinars have become a vital part of an organization. Webinars provide a chance for the organization to promote its brand and answer the queries of the audiences in an effective way. At this point, you must be thinking about the tips to host a webinar during Corona Virus Pandemic. Below are some tips and tricks to help you out to make an impression among your audience. 

Promote your webinar

You’re going to organize a webinar to increase the reach of your brand, but you must keep in mind that the webinar itself must be promoted on various levels to draw an audience. You will be interacting with your potential customers and to attract a new audience base, you must use promotional tactics. You can use social media to post about the webinar, leverage your influential connections who can post on their timelines so you can get a significant number of audience. Trend a hashtag about the event you’re going to organize and use all your creative skills in doing so, because if there is no audience on your webinar, then it doesn’t matter what you’re offering them as there is no one to watch. 

Use your company’s homepage and publish an advertisement and registration link about the webinar so anyone visiting your homepage knows about the event. Any organization has the details of its existing consumers such as e-mail, and the contact number of the consumer. Use that information to make the consumer informed about the event. You can craft a personalized message for your key accounts which would increase their involvement and will help to maximize the reach. 

Create a captivating slide deck

Webinars often become monotonous and boring if the speaker is always on the screen speaking without any illustrations. To hook the audience, you must create creative content with illustrative slides showcasing the visual message you want to convey. Make picture heavy slides that identify with the theme you are talking about. Utilizing copy on slides is fine – whenever done effectively. Don’t just write a paragraph on a slide  Rather, ensure the copy adds to the introduction. Stick to one shading palette all through the online course deck, and make an effort not to make it excessively occupied.

People have already tired of the time loop they are living in and if you start a speech without any captivating slides, the consumer will eventually lose interest in the webinar. 

Aesthetics and Camera set up

People often ignore the aesthetic factor of a webinar, whereas it’s one of the most important factors which builds the consumer perception of your sincerity towards them. A messy background sets an informal tone while a well-managed background with a bookcase or some creative art pieces will change the tone of the webinar. 

Another tip for a webinar during corona is to set your camera angle right. While you’re using the camera, you must be aware of the visual feel. We all have interacted with some of the colleagues whose eyes ware forever skewed on one side due to the position of their camera, or whose camera lens gave us a viewpoint of their jaw and the roof. While organizing a webinar it’s your responsibility to design your visuals cautiously. In particular, change your camera angle to catch a straight visual of your face (regardless of whether that implies propping your PC up on a few books). Test it out with a training meeting to perceive how your picked sight will appear to members.

Interacting with the audience

Hosting a webinar is a great opportunity to interact with your existing consumers and cater to a new audience. The tip to remember while hosting a webinar is always interact with your audience to convert the event in a two-way process rather than just delivering a pre-planned speech. 

Depending upon the number of participants, you may request that they “raise their hand” if they want to ask something, type their inquiries in the comment box, or use a different Q&A feature. Whatever you choose, ensure you’re precise at the beginning and remind individuals intermittently all through, to evade dissatisfaction or disarray. 

It might require some investment to detail their inquiries, particularly if they’re writing them down, so it’s a smart thought to give a few minutes’ warning before you jump into the Q&A session. 

If the number of participants is significantly large, you might need an assistant available who can assist you with burrowing through inquiries and identify the important ones, so you don’t need to perform multiple tasks.